Pepcid Complete – does it work?

Pepcid CompleteThis article explains how Pepcid Complete helps to relieve heartburn. Click here to read about other cures for heartburn.

Pepcid Complete is an over the counter acid reflux medicine, combining two proven active ingredients in one drug – antacids (magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate) and acid reducer (famotidine). These ingredients have been for years helping millions of patients to relieve heartburn effectively and safely. The heartburn is relieved in two ways – famotidine curbs the production of new stomach acid  and the antacids neutralize acid that is already inside of the stomach.

Pepcid Complete compared to Pepcid AC

Pepcid Complete offers a combination of two solutions to the problems caused by excessive stomach acid. One is a reduction of stomach acid production – the same beneficial effect as of Pepcid AC. However the acid reduction is combined with instant relief by antacids – in one single tablet. The chewable tablets cause the  antacids to be delivered especially quickly to the stomach and to neutralize the acid. This way Pepcid Complete brings instant relief, when Pepcid AC needs some time to start working.

Causes of Heartburn

Acid production is a normal process occurring inside of the stomach. When we eat or drink acid is produced to digest the food or beverages. The acid is kept inside by a muscle resembling a valve, called LES – the lower esophageal sphincter. When LES remains in open position acid moves in the wrong direction – from the stomach up the esophagus – and it causes discomfort and burning pain which disturb and interfere with life activities.

Heartburn Remedies

  • Soon after eating avoid laying flat or bending over.
  • Avoid eating late at night, eating just before bedtime and laying down with full stomach will increase pressure at the LES.
  • Avoid foods or beverages likely to cause heartburn. Usually that are rich, spicy, fatty, and fired foods. Also chocolate, caffeine and alcohol contribute to heartburn.
  • Try not to eat big meals, rather many small ones. Eat slowly.
  • Being overweight of a smoker puts you at higher risk of suffering from heartburn.
  • Use special wedge pillow or raise the head of your bed.
  • Avoid tight clothing around your stomach.
  • For more cures for heartburn check the home page of this website.

Pepcid Complete in Clinical Studies

Clinical studies showed the supremacy of Peptid Complete in relieving heartburn over each of its active ingredients applied separately and over placebo pills.

Onset of Relief – Percent of heartburn episodes relieved within 30 minutes.

  • 45% Pepcid Complete.
  • 33% Placebo.
  • 38 % Famotidine.
  • 41% Antacid.

Duration of Relief – Percent of heartburn episodes relieved for at least 7 hours.

  • 70% Pepcid Complete.
  • 59% Placebo.
  • 68% Famotidine.
  • 61% Antacid.

If you are looking for an instant and durable relief from heartburn, Pepcid Complete is probably the OTC medication for you. Try to combine it with other ideas you can find on this website, like nutritional advice or wedge pillows and get rid of the problem. If heartburn persist, contact your doctor for advice.


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