Folgers Low Acid Coffee

Folgers Low Acid CoffeeDo you enjoy drinking coffee and you had to abandon this habit because of acid reflux or stomach acid problem? Hey, I have great news for you! Folgers Low Acid Coffee will let you enjoy your coffee drinking again!

Acidity in coffee

If you don’t suffer from heartburn or have other condition of the digestive tract, the acidity in coffee is not a bad thing. The acidity lifts sensory experience and is a sign that your coffee contains healthy organic acids – mainly the chlorogenic acid. These organic acids have anti-oxidant properties, in other words they help your body to fight cancer. Coffee’s health benefits in this regard exceed even the healthy properties of green tea.

On the flip side reduced acidity often equals reduced aromatics. Coffee which has some acidity removed often tastes bland. If you read low acid coffee reviews you’ll see people complaining about flat taste quite often.

Why Folgers Low Acid Coffee?

Coffee raises your stomach acid level and for heartburn sufferers it can cause discomfort. If you have acid reflux, you have probably heard the good advice to abandon coffee drinking alltogether. Before you stop drinking coffee altogether, try low acid coffee, e.g. Folgers Simply Smooth Ground Coffee. The coffee is smooth and gentle on the stomach and will not make you suffer like regular coffee. Or check other low acid coffee brands.

Folgers Simply Smooth has no acidic (after) taste. It’s not very bitter, but it hasn’t the watery taste which you can sometimes experience when drinking “mild” coffee. Some customers compare the taste to the coffee from McDonalds – but without the acid-related side effects.

Are you looking for low acid decaf coffee from Folgers? Go for Folgers Simply Smooth Decaffeinated Ground Coffee.

Why is Simply Smooth low in acid?

Low acid coffee brands are not create equal. There are very differing processes and technologies leading to the final product with lowered acidity, i.e. coffee registering a pH of 5.0 or above when brewed at normal strength. Some manufacturers employ more than one of the following methods to reduce the acidity:

  • Very slow or interrupted roasting. Slow roasting reduces acidity along with chlorogenic acids contents and aromatics.
  • Treating green beans before drying and roasting, i.e. removing waxy outer layer by steaming. Treating reduces acidity and aromatics.
  • Treating green beans with chemical solvents, such as ethyl acetate and dichloromethane.
  • Using green coffee naturally low in acids. Low acid coffee beans grow in certain regions of Brazil and Sumatra. In comparison coffee beans grown in Costa Rica or Kenya are higher in acid.
  • Dark roasting or very dark roasting. Reduces acidity, however it tends to kill acidity while developing certain bitter tastes that mask it.
  • Fruit removal methods reducing acidity, e.g. drying in the whole fruit (called the dry or natural method) or in the fruit pulp (the pulped natural or honey method).
  • Adding an acid-buffering agent.
  • Aging or monsooning.
  • Using arabica coffee instead of robusta.

Simply Smooth is friendly for your stomach thanks to special blending and slow roasting rather than to processing targeting acidity. Irritants other than acid are reduced in the course of the manufacturing process. Anyway it’s a great coffee for your stomach if you suffer from acid reflux.

Simply Smooth for less money

Are you unsure because of the price? If you buy a single box, Folgers Low Acid Coffee can be pricey. Go for the six pack and check the price per ounce by yourself. If you consume a lot of coffee – e.g. in your office with co-workers – try Folgers Simply Smooth in a big package.


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