Mommee Coffee Review 2022

This post was updated in May 2022 to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
Are you pregnant? Have you stopped drinking coffee because you don’t want to risk the health of your baby and because drinking coffee during pregnancy gives you acid reflux? There are good news – low acid Mommee Coffee is safe for your baby and for your stomach.

Coffee during pregnancy

Many pregnant women stop drinking caffeinated beverages, including of course coffee, when they learn about their pregnancy. The reason is of course the fear that caffeine and specifically coffee during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. Furthermore due to the increased pressure on the stomach coffee tends to give acid reflux, so drinking decaf coffee during pregnancy seems not to be an option either.
Is caffeine really dangerous during pregnancy? Well, it depends on the consumed amount. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) drinking less than 200 milligrams caffeine a day is considered to be safe (link). As long as you keep track of your daily caffeine intake no additional risk emerges.

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Caffeine and Pregnancy

The amount of caffeine in a cup of brewed coffee depends on a number of factors. During pregnancy you would like of course limit your caffeine consumption. The type of beans used, roasting, amount of grounds used, time of brewing, grind level – they all do have influence on how much caffeine you ingest:

  • Arabica beans have on average only half the caffeine contents of robusta beans (1.1% compared to 2.2%). Using pure arabica blends will result in coffee with less caffeine.
  • In the roasting process green coffee beans lose water thus losing weight. The longer coffee beans are roasted the more they expand. Lighter roasts have more caffeine per volume, but less per weight. Contrary to a popular misconception caffeine doesn’t get burned off in the roasting process.
  • Obviously the amount of coffee used makes difference. Longer brewing time and finer grind will allow more caffeine to be released. The hotter the water used the more caffeine will end in the cup.

Caffeination varies for various types of Mommee Coffee. Brew your coffee according to the instruction on the packaging and you’ll keep the caffeine issue under control.

Low acid Mommee Coffee

Let’s have a look at the tummy friendliness of Mommee Coffee. Coffee is acidic, however the acidity varies among coffee roasts, types and brands. Coffees measuring about 5.1-5.2 on the pH scale is considered average acidic, with pH 7 being neutral, anything less being acidic and anything more being base. Low acid Mommee Coffee’s pH levels range from 5.8 to 6.0. The culprit behind the acid reflux is however not the general acidity level but the chlorogenic acids (CGA), particularly diCQA. Good low acid coffee besides the low acidity should have the CGA levels reduced. And of course good coffee should retain full flavor in spite of the process. This is the case with Mommee Coffee, which have been tested using in this article(link).

Organic and Fair Trade

During pregnancy it is particularly important to avoid potentially harmful substances in food and drinks. Mommee Coffee is made from organic, free trade beans. It has Organic Certification and is grown without harmful fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides, and food additives.

Mommee Coffee reviews

Various types of Mommee Coffee range at from four stars to full five stars of five. Low Acid coffee from Mommee Coffee – the “Mommee Coffee – Full Caff, Organic Coffee, Low Acid, Fair Trade, Whole Bean, 12oz” variation enjoys the highest rating. There are multiple opinions from verified customers (i.e. those who have purchased the coffee on, all of them positive:

  • Customers praise Mommee Coffee being organic, fair trade, low acid and having full, rich, perfectly well-balanced flavor at the same time.
  • According to customers, this low acid coffee is an excellent coffee not only for pregnant women but also for everyone with sensitive stomach.
  • Mommee Coffee is sold in 12oz packaging and a bigger bag would be really appreciated.

Mommee Coffee beans and grounds

Mommee Coffee is available as Decaf, Quarter Caf, Half Caf and Full Caf. The roast levels depend on the caffeine level. The Full Caf coffee is about medium roast, the Quarter Caf and Half Caf coffees are medium-dark roasts and the Decaf Coffee is a dark roast. You can buy Mommee Coffee as whole beans or ground. The Mommee Coffee price on is about 16 dollars for 12oz.

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