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Mommee Coffee packagingMommee Coffee is a well known brand of stomach friendly low acid coffee made for pregnant women. Due to the popularity of the Keurig K Cups coffee machines many buyers are looking for Mommee Coffee K Cups. Keep reading to learn where to buy it.

Where to buy Mommee Coffee K Cups?

Unfortunately as of now (February 2020) Mommee coffee is sold in bags only. You can’t buy the coffee as K Cups – neither on Amazon, nor at the manufacturer’s website. But I have good news and a simple solution for you. If you love Mommee Coffee and own a K Cups machine there is a way to let them both work together. Just pick your favorite type of Momme Coffee and a pack of reusable K Cups (links below).

Mommee Coffee Half Caf | Reusable K Cups

Which variety of Mommee Coffee?

There are four different label colors of Mommee Coffee corresponding to the caffeine contents of the coffee. All of them are low acid, and all have the same price – as of February 2020 it’s $15.99 for a 12oz. packaging. The only real criteria of choice are caffeine level and your personal preference. Most customers prefer the Quarter Caf and Half Caf types, they have received 4 1/2 stars at Amazon compared to 4 stars of Full Caf and Decaf. Quarter Caf and Half Caf have also more (over 100 each) reviews compared to the less popular varieties.

If you are a coffee lover and pregnant, you might want to choose coffee with less caffeine. This 2019 study researched the caffeine intake of pregnant women. With caffeine being a psychoactive substance, the daily intake shouldn’t exceed 200 mg.

For more information on Mommee Coffee check my older review.

Why reusable K Cups?

Single serving K Cups have one big advantage – the simplicity of use. Grab it, brew a cup of coffee, dispose of the K Cup, simple as that. Still, there are multiple reasons for choosing reusable K Cups instead of the single serving ones:

  • You can drink your favorite brand of coffee, e.g. Mommee Coffee, even if it is not sold as K Cups. Not all coffee manufacturers offer K Cups – for a reason. A license partnership with Keurig is necessary to make the cups and obviously it isn’t cheap. Smaller, niche manufacturers are unlikely to enter this kind of partnership.
  • It’s more environmentaly friendly – a simple way to reduce the amount of garbage you produce. Coffee grounds are fine for the environment, a plastic cup not so. You can reduce the amount of waste plastic without depriving yourself of fine coffee by using reusable K Cups. Btw. did you know that pure used coffee grounds can be added to potting soil? Your flowers will love it!
  • It’s much cheaper. K Cups are a way to lock the customer in and to charge a premium price. The reausable K Cups allow you to drink any coffee you want and not only those partnering with Keurig.

Which brand of K Cups?

K Cups of various brands are not created equal. Make sure the K Cups of your choice:

  • Are compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 brewers. They are not always interchangeable, it may happen that you pick up the wrong one. Which would cause your brewer to show an “oops” message on the display,
  • Are dishwasher safe. You don’t want to wash them by hand, do you?
  • Have recessed bottom. A Keurig machine pierces a K Cup with two needles when making coffee. The top one delivers water, the bottom one is where the coffee gets out. A K Cup type with two holes in the bottom requires you to align it properly to let the bottom needle get into the pre-made hole. Recessed bottom instead of holes make the K Cup more convenient to use, because it fits without being aligned.

Any general questions regarding low acid coffee? Feel free to browse the website.


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