Puroast Coffee K-Cups Review 2020

puroast coffee k-cupsOne of the most popular low acid coffee brands is Puroast Coffee. Puroast is available in varied roasts and forms from whole bean bags to K-Cups. Are they worth buying? What other customers think of Puroast Coffee K-Cups? This article brings the answers.

Why K-Cups?

K-Cups invented by Keurig are a single-serve coffee containers filled with coffee grounds and equipped with filter. K-Cups became a very popular way of brewing coffee when convenience plays a pivotal role. Since the expiration of the original K-Cup patent many coffee manufacturers launched their own K-Cups.

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Is Puroast Coffee Healthy?

Puroast owes its stomach friendliness and the resulting popularity among coffee lovers to a special roasting process and to a widely quoted lab research results. In 2006 Dr. Shibamoto in a study conducted at UCLA found out that Puroast coffee has significantly less acidity due to a lower levels of chlorogenic acids (CGA). At the same time it has much more antioxidants in form of phenolic compounds than other coffees and even more than green tea.

Puroast Coffee K-Cups reviews

Let’s have a look at the product reviews at Amazon.com. The coffee got on average four stars out of five, so it’s obviously not bad. However there some issues have been noticed by other customers, which are worth learning about before making a purchase:

  • As it seems, the most confusing issue is if the Puroast Coffee K-Cups are compatible with Keurig 2.0 or not. There are two contradictory statements about the 2.0 compatibility in the description. Keurig 2.0 is in general parlance a DRM system for coffee. It’s aimed at preventing other manufacturers (i.e. not Keurig / Green Mountain Coffee) from selling third-party K-Cups and keeping the dollars rolling in for Keurig. If you don’t see the Keurig colored dot and label on the K-Cup you should assume it’s not 2.0 compatible.

Other raised issues were:

  • watery, flat or unusual taste. The production process of Puroast delivers coffee with noticeably different taste. If it is your first purchase, don’t buy in bulk. Buy a single packaging and see if you like it.
  • acidity. Some customers still suffered from heartburn and indigestion after drinking Puroast coffee. That seems to be an issue experienced by a minority. Again if it is your first purchase, buy a small packaging and find out if it works for you.

Of course, there were more positive reviews. Customers praised mostly:

  • the pleasant and smooth flavor, and
  • low acid and easy on stomach.

How Does Puroast Coffee Taste Like?

What about the taste? Well, long roasting removes caffeine and substances responsible for the coffee flavor from the beans, so darker coffees are known not to be as full-bodied as lighter roasts. However if you drink your coffee with milk (also good for your stomach) the difference won’t be probably worth switching to different roast. The best advice – test it for yourself before ordering a large batch of the coffee.

Alternatives to Puroast Coffee K-Cups

Is that all you should know? There are also some other coffees sold as K-Cups you might be interested in. Recently Trücup Coffee gains popularity and enjoys even better reviews at Amazon.com than Puroast Coffee K-Cups.

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