What Does Heartburn Feel Like

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What does heartburn feel like?

Heartburn is a common complaint nowadays. Lots of workplace-related stress, many cups of coffee, fast food eaten quickly and instead of regular meals contribute to heartburn, called also acid reflux and GERD. Is your chest pain heartburn? What does heartburn feel like? Continue reading to find out.

What is heartburn

Heartburn doesn’t have anything in common with your heart. The “burning” takes place in your esophagus, from the stomach sphincter till your throat or sometimes even mouth. The place where the pain starts is perceived to be close to the heart, that’s the origin of the name heartburn. It’s important that you don’t mistake the real heart pain, which can instantly threaten your life, with heartburn which is a nuisance, but not lethal.

How does it feel like

Heartburn is neither pulsating nor stinging pain, it is constant burning pain. It usually starts after meals, especially spicy or fat. It increases if you lay down or if you exercise (run, swim, etc.) It can last for hours if you don’t do anything about it. Try taking an OTC antiacid, if it goes away, it’s probably heartburn.

I hope you never have to find out what does heartburn feel like. But if you do – better learn to cure it. Start at our home page, cures for heartburn.

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