Zantac 150

Zantac 150A quick fix in curing heartburn is an over the counter acid reflux medicine which can be bought without prescription, and taken just after that, when its needed. Be aware however, that it just alleviates the symptoms of your heartburn without curing the underlying medical condition resulting in heartburn.

Zantac 150 is an example of convenient cure for occasional light to medium heartburn. There are two kinds of medications against heartburn, they work either by neutralizing the already secreted stomach acid, or by preventing its secretion (there are medications which combine the both properties). Zantac works by decreasing the production of stomach acid. Compared to other stomach acid inhibitors its about as effective as Tagamet, but not as strong as Prevacid or Prilosec.

Zantac 150 is cheap and effective

Zantac 150 is cheap and it’s effective for controlling mild heartburn. If you suffer from strong heartburn and Zantac doesn’t help you, Prevacid and Prilosec are the way to go, as they are more potent.

For the best results take Zantac 150 about 30-60 minutes before consuming foods likely to cause heartburn, e.g. fat or spicy foods. The lead time before the meal gives the medication time to start working i.e. decreasing the level of the stomach acid production. You can take one tablet of Zantac 150 up to twice a day.

Other cures for heartburn

Of course there are other ways to cure heartburn, which you can combine with Zantac 150. First of all you could reduce the consumption of foods causing heartburn. For the complete list of foods causing heartburn look at the right sidebar. You should avoid wearing tight clothes, exercising pressure on your stomach and letting the stomach acid get into esophagus. If you work out – don’t do it with full stomach, when there is a plenty of stomach acid used for digesting food. For the sleep improvement you could buy a wedge pillow for acid reflux, and thus let the gravity help you – if you sleep with your head a little bit higher than your stomach, the gravity causes the stomach acid to stay in the stomach. The good advice about working out – don’t do it with full stomach – is also valid for the sleep. Let some time pass after you meal before going to sleep.

Complaints about expiration date

Some customers complained that the medicine they received was close to its expiration date. The medicine itself was helpful, but the opinion about it was skewed because of the prompt expiration. Please check the expiration date after receiving your package of Zantac 150 to avoid unpleasant surprise.


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